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My Crypto Portfolio Q1 2018

I know what you're thinking. Why the big delay between updates? Well, a lot has happened with my real crypto portfolio, a lot also happened on eToro as you are no doubt aware if you are a copier of mine, and let's not forget the two months I spent trading from a tablet and laptop while my PC was missing.

Before I dig into the stats surrounding my portfolio and how it has performed, let's get a few things out of the way. 1. This is not investment or financial advice in any way, shape or form, anything said in this article should be considered an opinion, nothing more.

2. This is a snapshot of my crypto holdings outside eToro, it does not include my main eToro, or even my 2nd eToro account.

3. I do not give numbers in USD, Bitcoin or any other currency, I prefer to keep the value of my holdings confidential.

4. I do not actively trade my this crypto, I would guess I average 1-2 trades per week, rebalancing.

5. I do not include statistics about the trades I made between various cryptos, it's a big job to keep track of all the trades across multiple exchanges, and since nobody is "copying" this portfolio, I'd prefer to save the effort involved in doing this.

6. This snapshot was taken at 10pm on the 23rd of April 2018.

7. Prices used for valuations were taken from

Let's get into it! Below is a pie chart of my crypto holdings outside eToro following that is the same information in a list.

My Crypto Portfolio - Q1 2018

Crypto Positions List: EOS - 25.33% Bitcoin - 21.14% Dash - 14.45% Ethereum - 11.13% Litecoin - 4.34% Cardano - 3.69% IOTA - 3.55% Stellar - 2.68% Monero - 1.97% Augur - 1.37% Golem - 1.34% PIVX - 1.29% Status - 1.07% 0x - 0.98% Nano - 0.74% Omisego - 0.69% Lisk - 0.69% NEM - 0.41% Qtum - 0.33% Siacoin - 0.32% BAT - 31% Ark - 0.30% Swarm City - 0.26% SALT - 0.26% Bancor - 0.24% Power Ledger - 0.19% Loopring - 0.18% Binance Coin - 0.16% Walton Chain - 0.15% Civic - 0.14% NEO - 0.09% Decred - 0.03% Poet - 0.03% Matchpool - 0.03% Steem - 0.03% Tronix - 0.03% Substratum - 0.02% District0x - 0.02% Gas(NEO) - 0.00% (PoS) EnjinCoin - 0.00% (Airdrop) Ontology - 0.00% (Airdrop) BlockMason Crypto - 0.00% (Airdrop) Bitcoin Gold - 0.00% (Dust)

BitGrail Shares - 0.00% (Not yet live) As you can see from the list above, the portfolio is much in need of tidying up with some airdrops, dust and very small positions that I frankly forgot about. Starting with the obvious - EOS has performed fantastically for me, I regret not going into it with more funds, but it has grown through me adding funds and it's own powerful bullish drive to become my largest position. Bitcoin remains my 2nd largest position for now, but I will be working to increase the size of some of the positions that I neglected such as PIVX, Poet, Decred, Nano and WaltonChain. I also thought I owned some VeChain, so that's also on the buy list. Speaking of PIVX and Nano, I must mention that the total value of my holdings dropped substantially in early January after two events caused me to lose over 5% of my portfolio. In January 2018, my PC's SSD broke entirely and was unrecoverable. Like the sensible person I am, I immediately went to my wallet backups to check all of my funds were still available and that I hadn't lost any. Unfortunately I was caught out by the zPiv implementation on PIVX. The update to PIVX in late 2017 enabled private transactions on the PIVX network but required users to switch PIV tokens into zPIV, these were stored on separate private keys, not the same as the one used to store PIV. My last wallet backup was before this change, and due to my curious experimentation in zPIV I had converted almost all of my PIV. As a result, when I resynced the blockchain with my backed up wallet, I was shocked to find over 95% of my funds missing, lost forever to cryptography. This was a painful loss. What made this feeling much worse was the news that broke a couple of days later that the BitGrail exchange, which had halted withdrawals for Nano a few weeks prior, was now closing down after announcing they had been hacked. Just under 80% of my Nano, which was still stored on the exchange due to the lack of withdrawal functionality was lost, with a similar value to the PIVX. There are ongoing legal cases in pursuit of compensation, and BitGrail are also trying to fix the situation by offering shares in the exchange if people choose not to pursue them legally. I'm not yet decided what I will do, but listed the locked up 20% of Nano still held by BitGrail, and the BitGrail Shares currently with no valuation in the list above. The lost PIVX is gone, but I am still hopeful that I can recover at least some of the Nano stolen from BitGrail.

There are several strong performers in the portfolio. IOTA despite me reducing the number of tokens by half remains one of my largest positions. Siacoin saw me reduce the position size by around 90% yet it only halved it's percentage of the portfolio. Without full really digging into the trading history and even the amount of tokens lost to fees and spreads (a lot) it's difficult to know exactly what performed well and what performed badly, but overall it's clear that the portfolio outperformed the market overall as I've increased the number of tokens I hold in most of the projects listed.

Overall my portfolio increased in value against Bitcoin by 25.18%. If I still had the funds I lost I would have been up over 30% agianst Bitcoin. Measured in USD, the profit over this period is 3.64%, or 8.68% with the lost funds included. It's difficult not to be happy with this result given how difficult the markets have been during this period. Hopefully this serves as a reasonable example of my ability to assign funds to the projects with low risk and high return rates. As more of these altcoins are added to eToro I expect my results to improve further.

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