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Q2 Performance Update & Q&A

--Q2 Performance Update & Q2 Q&A--

Hi everyone,

It's that time again! Yesterday I presented my Q2 Performance Update via eToro to invited participants explaining the state of the portfolio, some of my recent trades, market activity and the outlook for Q3 and beyond.

Tomorrow at 16:00 BST I will be live streaming the same presentation at where anyone can tune in to watch and ask questions for free.

Can't make that time? No problem, The video recording of the livestream is usually up on Youtube 24 hours later at

As normal, I will livestream a dedicated Q&A session the following week at the same time to allow for a wider range of questions.

To summarize:

Q2 Performance Update Livestream:

Date - 15/07/2021

Time - 16:00 BST

Q2 Performance Update Recording:

Date - 17/07/2021 onwards

Time - 00:00

Q2 Q&A Livestream:

Date - 22/07/2021

Time - 16:00 BST

Q2 Q&A Recording:

Location - Date - 24/07/2021 onwards

Time - 00:00

This post will be updated with the embedded recordings of both events when available.

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