Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the minimum I can copy you with?

$500 is the absolute minimum, I would strongly advise copying with more though.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How much should I copy you with?

I recommend at least $1,000 for an initial investment. For the best performance, I’d suggest $5,000.

How much should I copy with to live off the profits?

There is no garauntee of monthly, or even yearly profits on the portfolio. Although my target profit is 5% per month it is extremely likely that this target will be missed or surpassed numerous times every year.

The best way of estimating how much to invest if you are aiming to withdraw each month is to multiple that sum by 20. For example $500 per month multiplied by 20 is $10,000, meaning $10,000 is the minimum you would need to invest to earn $500 per month assuming I hit my 5% profit target each month

What is the maximum I can copy with?

The maximum you can copy a single trader with is $2M

Should I copy Open Trades or New Trades?

I advise copying new trades only (uncheck the ‘copy open trades’ box). The reason for this is simple: Your potential drawdown is much lower and you are guaranteed to open trades at the same price as me. Copying open trades can still be worthwhile when I am already in periods of heavy drawdown or if you are happy to take a little more risk. The downside of copying new trades is that it can take several months before all of your funds are invested in positions.

What does Copy Open Trades mean?

Copying open trades means you will immediately open positions at the current market price for every position I currently hold. Following this it will close and open new positions mirroring my trades as normal.

What does Copy New Trades mean?

When you begin your copy no funds will be invested in anything until I open new positions. This can take a long time to ramp up for all of your funds to be invested but ensures that every trade is opened at the same time/price as it is for me.

How should I add funds?

Generally I advise using the add funds button rather than uncopying/copying again with open positions. Similar to the copy new trades or open trades topics above there are pros and cons to both ways of doing it.

How should I remove funds?

If you are planning to take out some profit each month/quarter then using the “pause copy” functionality is probably best. It will avoid copying new positions until you unpause allowing you to collect some funds to withdraw without worrying that I may re-invest it before you get the chance. There is no good or bad time to do this really.

When should I copy?

You can copy at any time, thanks to the ‘Copy New Trades’ function. If you intend to copy my open trades then you should wait until the majority of my portfolio is in the red.

When should I uncopy?

Generally you should stop copying if you hit your own personal profit target, or loss threshold (though I advise using a copy stop loss for this). If you require access to your funds immediately you should use the ‘Stop Copy’ function during market hours. If you do this when markets are closed you will have to wait for markets to open to close the trades, tis will often be at an unpredictable price. A much better way to close the copy is to use the ‘Pause Copy’ functionality. This will stop any new trades from being copied, with money moving back into your account whenever I close trades. While this requires some patience, it will help you secure your profit.

Is this the same for copying other traders?

No, every trader on eToro is different. I advise you to do your own research before making decisions in regards to other traders. Most traders list how much to copy with, when, and how in their profile description, some traders even have their own FAQs like this one.