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  • Jay Smith

My Crypto Portfolio Q4

Not a day goes by without someone asking for my opinion on a Cryptocurrency, from Augur and Bitconnect through to Walton and Zencoin, everyone wants to know which are my favourites, and where my money is. This post is here to reveal my personal crypto holdings outside of eToro. I do not trade these anything like as actively as I do on eToro, and the amount I hold is not nessecarily a correlation to how much I believe the projects value could rise. Cardano for example has increased over 250% since I purchased it, Augur on the other hand is a coin I'm simply a big fan of, and I do not expect it to perform as well as those around it.

The portfolio is well diversified and resistant to major swings in the crypto economy, there are still plenty of coins I wish to add, and the balance may change each time I post it. Without any further delay, this is my portfolio.

Bitcoin - 41.32%

Dash - 28.96% Ethereum - 6.44%

IOTA - 5.87%

PIVX - 2.88%

Litecoin - 2.84%

Monero - 2.46%

Augur - 1.87% Cardano - 1.75%

EOS - 1.28%

Siacoin - 0.73%

OmiseGo - 0.57% Lisk - 0.52%

Ark - 0.50%

Stellar - 0.32%

Power Ledger - 0.30%

Golem - 0.27% Swarm City - 0.26% Qtum - 0.25% SALT - 0.23%

Civic - 0.12% NEM - 0.10%

BAT - 0.10%

Status - 0.06%

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