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Top 10 eToro Popular Investors Q4 - 2017

Top 10 eToro Popular Investors Q4 - 2017

It's that time again. This list is based on my own personal opinions about popular investors on eToro. I judge based on how social the traders are, any content they produce, their results, risk score, diversification, experience and knowledge (from what I can tell). Obviously I did not include myself in this list and there are many great traders not included in this list. If you have a favourite please leave it in the comments. 1. Wesl3y (new)


Wesl3y marginally missed out on my previous list of 11 traders, but has proven himself not only to be a brilliant stock trader, but one of the most active social traders on eToro. Wesl3y answers a huge number of comments from copiers, followers and other traders on eToro and often posts useful content regarding his investments. His portfolio is focused around tech stocks with a sprinkling of diversification through cryptos and stocks outside of tech.

Copiers: 7497 12M Profit: 101.77% YTD Profit: 62.79% Risk Score: 5 Yearly DD: 9.23% Weekly DD: 6.20% Trades per week: 5.70 Avg Trade length: 1 Month

2. goodgoing (+6)


Goodgoing has, for a long time, been considered by many as the grumpy man of eToro. But the stats don't lie, he clearly has a deep understanding of how the Forex markets move and what influences it. While most Forex traders struggle to deliver more than 10% per year, goodgoing was able to deliver an average of over 5% per month so far this year. He has also stepped up his social interactions on the platform keeping his copiers well informed on his trading.

Copiers: 1137 12M Profit: 391.12% YTD Profit: 57.82% Risk Score: 4 Yearly DD: 41.86% Weekly DD: 41.86% (Must have been an interesting week). Trades per week: 8.80 Avg Trade length: 4 Days

3. AlexPlesk (-1)


Alex is now the most copied trader on eToro, and for good reason. He is one of the most well diversified stock traders with exposure to almost every market and sector. He has been stable in his trading all year and only dropped positions due to the impeccable recent performance by goodgoing and Wesl3y. Alex should come as a default copy for any portfolio.

Copiers: 8875 12M Profit: 104.95% YTD Profit: 58.17% Risk Score: 4 Yearly DD: 9.06% Weekly DD: 4.95% Trades per week: 14.17 Avg Trade length: 3.5 Weeks 4. LiamDavies (+7)


Liam has become a good friend of mine since we first started talking on eToro, and I believe he is the strongest "Buy&Hold" investor on the platform. He has brilliant knowledge on cryptocurrencies and a good eye for bargains within tech. Liam is a little more quiet than many traders, but when he does post on eToro it's usually a chart which goes on to prove very useful. I often take much of Liam's advice on board for my own trading and if you're investing long-term, Liam is a great choice.

Copiers: 850 12M Profit: 158.71% YTD Profit: 117.17% Risk Score: 5 Yearly DD: 22.07% Weekly DD: 14.11% Trades per week: 2.48 Avg Trade length: 2.5 Months

5. stebliss (new)


Stebliss trades similarly to Alex, with a well mixed portfolio although he is more heavily weighted towards Crypto & Tech. His strategy involves higher risk than most popular investors, but his returns are also among the top traders for the previous 12 months. The 10 years of experience show through his strong money management.

Copiers: 1807 12M Profit: 537.23% YTD Profit: 541.40% Risk Score: 5 Yearly DD: 16.87% Weekly DD: 10.84% Trades per week: 7.06 Avg Trade length: 3.5 Weeks

6. TomMMXI (-3)


Tom dropped 3 positions from my last review as his profits seem to have slipped a little. Tom is a relatively quiet trader, he doesn't post often, but he is very consistent. Tom trades primarily the Ger30 and Gold with little deviation. His consistency is very strong making Tom a great hedge against the Tech and Crypto traders we see more commonly on eToro.

Copiers: 252 12M Profit: 33.16% YTD Profit: 17.58% Risk Score: 3 Yearly DD: 8.22% Weekly DD: 7.63% Trades per week: 9.17 Avg Trade length: 4 Days

7. MrThor7734 (new)


MrThor recently exploded in popularity and quickly grew a strong following. He posts in-depth fundamental & technical analysis such as charts, earnings information and news related to his positions. A great trader to learn from, and someone proceeding with more caution than most as the markets continue to reach new highs.

Copiers: 1840 12M Profit: 132.95% YTD Profit: 102.19% Risk Score: 4 Yearly DD: 12.59% Weekly DD: 9.68% Trades per week: 17.93 Avg Trade length: 1 Month

8. SallyForex (new)


Sally is another recent addition to the popular investor program. As her name suggests, Sally's primary focus is on currencies. The first half of the year saw Sally produce consistent returns with a very low risk score. Recently this has jumped a little and Sally has begun trading crypto and stocks on the side. Time will tell if she can keep her risk score down and produce the same great results she's had in Forex with her new trading style. Another solid trader that is often overlooked.

Copiers: 84 12M Profit: 14.35% YTD Profit: 12.32% Risk Score: 3 Yearly DD: 3.47% Weekly DD: 2.71% Trades per week: 4.89 Avg Trade length: 1.5 Months

9. 4exPirate (-4)


4exPirate is probably the longest serving popular investor on eToro. Every single year he has delivered over 10% profit from trading Forex with one of the lowest drawdown numbers of everyone. Although he does not trade as actively as the other traders in this list, he is very trustworthy and a great person to leave managing some funds.

Copiers: 910 12M Profit: 8.46% YTD Profit: 9.89% Risk Score: 2 Yearly DD: 5.61% Weekly DD: 4.09% Trades per week: 2.96 Avg Trade length: 2 Days

10. Xavier86 (new)


Xavier86 has seen a monumental rise to fame on eToro over the past couple of months. With low drawdown and over 80% profit YTD he has attracted over 2500 copiers. His portfolio is very well diversified with a mixture of stocks, commodities and crypto. The only concern is how he handles the pressure as his AUM continues to grow.

Copiers: 2889 12M Profit: 87.01% YTD Profit: 86.25% Risk Score: 5 Yearly DD: 7.50% Weekly DD: 5.76% Trades per week: 8.21 Avg Trade length: 3 Months


  • All stats taken on 06/11/2017.

  • I copy MrThor7734 & goodgoing on my 2nd account (jaynemesis_2)

  • This is my opinion and should not be taken as investment advice, please do your own due diligence

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