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Opening the door of investment for everyone

Our mission is to become the go-to place for individuals wishing to invest in disruptive technology in a trusted and transparent way. We would like to make investing accessible for everyone who decides to invest with us. We aim to do so by providing regular transparent updates on our portfolio performance. 

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About Me

Meet Elite Popular Investor Jaynemesis, an investor with over 44,000 copiers and more than 560,000 followers. He has a diversified strategy; investing in stocks, ETF's and holding some cryptos. Join us for a webinar where he will answer questions about investing on eToro and provide his insights on the market. Jay started investing during the financial crisis in late 2009 with a focus on the video games industry and semiconductors.


In 2013 he joined eToro where he became a Popular Investor in 2016. A year later Jay quit his career in esports event management to pursue investing full-time. From a young age, Jay was fascinated by various ecosystems and economies. He primarily invests in companies building out large software/hardware ecosystems, building entirely new markets, or disrupting a stale market.

He also keeps a close eye on global market conditions and actively manages the portfolio and trades regularly. Jay also trades and invests in cryptos having first learned of the technology in 2012 and adopting Bitcoin early, investing at the start of 2013.

More broadly, He aims to be an ethical investor, vetting his investments for environmental impact, staff welfare and community outreach.

Outside investing, Jay enjoys playing video games, listening to audiobooks, politics, following Ice Hockey and Formula 1.


Portfolio Performance

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Beating The Benchmarks

This simulation is based on real world results from 2020 compared with the NSDQ100 and S&P500 benchmarks.s



*2020 performance comparison based on a $5000 invesment

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Jay's Thoughts

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