Who I am

At the age of 19 I began my trading career, focusing on disruptive technology I  primarily trade Nasdaq companies. In 2012 I discovered Bitcoin and immediately realised the world-changing potential, but as a currency and as a technology platform.I quit my full-time job in the Esports industry to trade full-time in 2017, after only a few months I became the most copied social trader in the world.

My goal is to inform and educate as many people as I can on trading & investing in disruptive technology by creating weekly content on Twitch, Youtube and my Blog. Transparency and honesty is key to earning trust, this is why I always try to respond to my copiers and build a community to help everyone grow.

I am motivated by a drive to understand how things work and a passion for technology. I am a big believer in sharing knowledge freely, for this reason I publish all of my content for free so that anyone can learn from it.

What I Do

Twitch & Youtube Content

LiveStreams & Videos every week.

Display of Stock Market Quotes

Transparent Trading on eToro

I pride myself on transparency & honesty.

Consultancy & Panel Talks

Podcasts, TV shows, Meetups & Consultancy.

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Adding funds to my eToro account

<IMPORTANT UPDATE> Hi everyone, today’s update is not about trading, but about your copies, the eToro popular investor program and adding...


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