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eToro Update - Week 29 2018

*The $BTC chart described in the video can be found at

Stats given cover closed trades for the 16th July - 22nd July

My total realized profit from the past week is 1.15% Overall the portfolio is up 0.55%

Profitable trades closed: 33

Unprofitable trades closed: 0

Most traded instrument: $NFLX (6 Trades)

Another decent week. 1.15% realized profit in a week feels good. Earnings is upon us! Netflix reported slightly weak earnings for Q2, Microsoft reported slightly better than expected but there are many more to come over the next week. This week’s big reports I’m following are: $GOOG, $AMD, $WIX, $SPOT, $FSLR, $TWTR

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy week! Apologies if I am less talkative than normal during this period, my focus will be on trading these correctly. Next week will also be busy with a further 4 earnings reports in my radar including one of our biggest positions - Square. Augur (REP), has long been one of my favourite crypto projects, and just over a week ago they launched on the mainnet. There are now millions of dollars of $ETHEREUM being bet on their prediction markets. Augur had a strong week, up by around 30%. It’s a cool and interesting project that I plan on writing about at length in the future, but something I figured many of you may find interesting here. The ETF hype is back! Back in 2017 there was huge hype building around 3 different Bitcoin ETF’s due for review by the SEC. All 3 were eventually denied causing the price to fall. The main reason given was liquidity. Fast forward a year and a half and that problem appears to have been resolved. Not only that, but there are several active bitcoin futures markets, most notably the CBOE’s which have proven both the demand and the market depth. The CBOE are also the ones applying for an ETF on this occasion. They are known for being very transparent with the SEC and working alongside them. Their ETF will be supported by SolidX, one of the groups who applied over a year ago. The market appears to have reacted strongly in favour of this going ahead, pushing Bitcoin above $8000 for the first time in 2 months, breaking out of the long-term downtrend. Right now Bitcoin is the hottest crypto out there with the hashtag decoupling trending on twitter as Bitcoin moves ahead of most altcoins. This news sits fine with me given that Bitcoin is by far my largest position.


$EOS - Two trades I bought the dip with closed just below $8.

$BTC - A couple of reasonable trades with relatively low limited exposure time. Attempting to catch the big moves but cash out during the sideways moves. Worked reasonably well so far.

Stocks $SNE - Refreshed the position, very small profit.

$MSFT - A couple of trades through earnings, 4.24% and 0.91% profit each.

$SHOP - Taking some profits, 3 trades closed 2 at 19%+ Still bullish but taking care not to hold too long.

$TWTR - Two short-term trades on the volatility for around 1% profit each.

$IBM - Just a quick day trade following their earnings, 0.7% profit in a couple of hours.

$AMD - 2 day trades for around 0.8% profit each.

$ETSY - A couple of trades in one of my new favourite stocks. ETSY benefitted from a competitor in germany going under and passing it’s users over to ETSY. I still think ETSY has a good year ahead.

$SQ - Square remains my largest stock position, but I’ve taken some profits off the table, up over 100% this year is insane, the next earnings report could be interesting.

$NFLX - My most traded this week, many trades both long and short trading around earnings volatility, still happy to hold on to it as a major part of my portfolio.

$GOOG - Another quick trade during the build towards earnings, 1% profit. I’ll avoid holding through earnings though. Hoping to trade the volatility after earnings similar to NFLX.

$TSLA - Closed the only remaining position at break even (down 5% on that day unfortunately), there are a lot of concerns for me around $TSLA at the moment, so I’ll be avoiding it until stability returns. The earnings report here will be very important.

Looking Forward

As mentioned, earnings and the Bitcoin ETF are by far the two biggest things coming up. The next 3 weeks will be extremely busy. As always, comments and questions are welcome!

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