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eToro Update - Week 27 2018

Stats given cover closed trades for the 2nd July - 8th July

My total realized profit from the past week is 0.11% Overall the portfolio is up 2.29%

Profitable trades closed: 5

Unprofitable trades closed: 0

This week saw my lowest activity for trading in perhaps over a year. It’s the week of my 30th Birthday, and since I am a twin that meant attending my brothers celebrations as well as my own, I also enjoyed some time away from screens at the British F1, leaving just a couple of days for research and portfolio management. That being said, sometimes less is more, all trades were profitable and the overall portfolio was up almost 2.5%. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. All in all I’m still content with the week’s trading, although again frustrated that I can’t open any shorts on $SNAP at the moment.

Some news highlights for this week:

Nvidia has suggested that sales of gaming chips will be soft in the first half of the year, with higher-than-seasonal growth in the back half. The slowdown in the first half implies a potential pause before a refresh cycle. This has led several analysts to predict a new gaming-focused processor arriving from NVIDIA in the second half of this year, potentially as soon as August.

Augur Launch - Augur as many of you will know is one of my favourite crypto projects. Augur is a decentralised predictions market, essentially the ability to create a market on anything, elections, sports matches, even stocks/shares. On the 9th of July the tokens will be frozen for the mainnet to launch. Unlike EOS and TRON there is absolutely zero effort required by the user to move or change anything. This project is mega exciting, I hope to write something about it soon.

YouTube added as defendant lawsuit against BitConnect shills - The claimants have effectively suggested through their legal team that Youtube is partially to blame for the exposure Bitconnect achieved, and had a duty to take down the content of several youtubers who had around 500,000 subscribers combined. Youtube could also potentially have evidence against the other defendants.

The claimants state that if YouTube had conducted an appropriate search of its databases, it would have delisted the harmful BitConnect videos. Instead, YouTube allegedly accepted a growing number of BitConnect-related videos, which resulted in numerous victims.


$EOS - 6% profit. Happy with that, as always I’ll await a better buy-in opportunity, I’m remaining somewhat cautious with altcoins for the moment since the news around Bitcoin over the past month or so has been extremely bullish, not planning any portfolio rebalances though.

Stocks $NFLX - A 1.2% trade over around a week, I remain very bullish on Netflix long-term. They recently started trialling a new subscription level in some areas of Europe for a few pounds/euros more than the current top tier, essentially moving their 4K content behind an additional pay-wall. Although I think many people would pay for it, I do feel like this is a risky move and could leave opportunities for $AMZN or $DIS to undercut them in the future.

$AMD - 2% on a 2-week long trade, closed based on technicals with $16 proving strong resistance in the past, more positions still open. Lisu Su was apparently at the British F1, but perhaps in the slightly more exclusive areas than me, would have been awesome to meet her though.

$SHOP - Another week long trade for 4% profit, closed ahead of the weekend.

$AMZN - Amazon Prime day is scheduled for July 16th and as always could prove important for their revenue for the quarter. I’ve not traded them much recently but I have been following them, they also just signed a deal with F1 to broadcast F1 TV in a handful of regions based upon pre-existing broadcast rights. F1 TV is forecast to have over 100 million users by 2020 so this could be a strong step into sports by Amazon to compete with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Netflix. 1 quick traded this week for just shy of 1%.

Looking Forward

As mentioned last week, earnings are coming, Netflix is the first as far as I’ve seen with August being the month most will roll in. There was a big BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) that has the Bitcoiners excited, I’ll be writing a short post about it on eToro and my blog explaining it this week hopefully. Jesse (@Binlord) has been hard at work on the Q2 report of my trading for 2018 and we are hoping to push it out at the end of the week if we don’t encounter anything odd. In it I will be analysing and reviewing all of my trading data from the past 3 months. Finally, some of you have been asking for a new update on my crypto portfolio, that’s next in line for when the Q2 report is done.

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