Transparent Trading on eToro

As a popular investor on eToro I earn a salary based primarily on the assets under my management. Anyone can copy me on eToro for free with $200-$500,000.

I base my trading primarily on fundamentals such as news/events, press releases, economic activities & quarterly earnings reports. I follow the skirmishes between major technology companies & crypto-currencies in their ongoing struggle to build large ecosystems for their users.

The relentless march of technology & the disruption it causes never stands still. I aim to predict this, but I must warn any copiers and followers that my trading strategy involves substantial risk.

Once I have decided to trade an instrument I usually apply technical information to guide me towards entry and exit prices for the positions.

My eToro trading results are as follows:


  • 2014: -1.77%

  • 2015: 40.73%

  • 2016: 75.65%

  • 2017: 340.09%

  • 2018: -53.84%

  • 2019 YTD: 16.25%


I am not a financial advisor, none of the information given on this website should be taken as financial advise or recommendations. All investments carry risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Any decisions taken based off the information provided through jaynemesis.com or social accounts linked to jaynemesis.com are at your own risk.